NerkondaPaarvai – Rangas Review

Nerkondapaarvai is a very relevant movie with a very powerful message riding on the shoulders of a solid & power packed performance by Thala Ajith.


Thala needs to be specially lauded for having to agreed to act in this movie. With the kind of fan following this star commands the core message’s reach ought to multiply leaps and bounds. For this movie especially the actor & performer in him takes the center stage and the entertainer takes back stage. As Bharath he gives such an impactful performance courtesy his impeccable dialogue delivery, gestures & body language in total. With the limited scope he gets he scores on the two high-octane action sequences as well sending his fans into a frenzy.

The director Vinoth H needs to be given a big round of applause for having retained the crux of the original movie. That being said he also leveraged Brand Ajith to the fullest as well. The icing on the cake is the two bonus high voltage action scenes that leaves Thala’s fans in cloud nine.

Dialogues too are a big plus in the movie and Vinoth & his team needs to be lauded as well.

Shraddha Srinath does a fabulous job as the damsel in distress Meera. She articulates the pain, helplessness and despair of the character in an crystal clear manner and thats creates such an impact in the audience.

Adhik Ravichandran scores as the main antagonist. His mannerisms & voice modulation literally makes us hate him to the core. His acting especially in the fag end of the film is top notch.

Excellent performances from the other supporting cast too add substance to the movie Interesting cameo by VidyaBalan. Rangaraj Pandey too gives a solid performance.

Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja augments the impact level of the movie and especially the BG is in perfect sync with the pacing of the movie. Cinematography by Nirav Shah provides the perfect lighting in total harmony with the narration as well.

Moving on to the other side of the coin, in terms of the add on scenes, while the action sequences gel in well and doesnt create any ripple, the flashback stint with Vidya doesnt sync in well and appears good as standalone. The intensity of the molestation scene could also have been brought down a bit.

Nevertheless NKP delivers the goods riding on a brilliant performance from Thala & helmed very well by Vinoth. Go watch him sizzle as the silent, yet intense & dashing Bharath Subramaniam.

I am going with 3.5/5 for this movie. #RangasReview #ThalaonFire#Thaladelivers #ThalaonSong #Nerkondapaarvai #hvinoth



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