RAAVAN by Amish – Rangas Review

Amish, India’s first Literary Pop star & a Phenomenon scores big again in his signature style. With a fine blend of history & myth this book is enticing. Leveraging his fine eye for detail as well his compelling narrative style, Amish leaves us enthralled and offers us a fascinating view of the past.


I have always been a big fan of Amish. Among the many reasons I love his book for the very fact that his writing introduces youth to ancient value systems while pricking and satisfying their curiosity at the same time. I was fascinated by this book for the following reasons:

1. Compelling Narrative Style:

Right from the word go the author has managed to keep us engaged with his narration. The slicing and dicing done in terms of the past, present and future makes the events unfolding very interesting. Most of the scenes unfold around the central character “Raavan” and his journey to occupy the highest echelons of power has been depicted in a fascinating manner. The hyperlink narrative style continues to augment the impact of the narration.

2. Rich Verbal Imagery:

With a fine eye for detail, the author once again left the audience with a rich verbal hologram courtesy his fascinating choice of words. Be it the ancient architectural styles, Idols of Deity, Social conditions, Battle gadgets, Palaces and even the features of characters Amish creates such an effect that we can the literary scenes unfolding in front of us. Especially the one sequence where he explains about the lotus shaped temple needs a special mention.

3. Impeccable Characterization:

Raavan has always left people puzzled for the duality in his character. In this book too its no different. The depth of the character in addition to deft touches by Amish in his signature style augments the impact of the character. Narration happens in a slow yet steady process unleashing the power of Raavan’s Persona upon us. It gets built upon the situations he faces as a kid and that makes it very interesting. His thinking, actions, interests are very well choreographed in terms of words and produces the intended effect.

4. Tremendous Research & Deep thought:

What aids Amish in this and each of previous installments is his depth of his research as well as his deep thoughts. That comes to fore yet again in this book as well. He has also ensured his deft touches does not deviate far from the original as well. This has also helped in his characters as well as narration get characterized by both style as well as substance.

This epic tale of Raavan, one of the most complex, violent, passionate and accomplished men of all the time is Archetypal as well as stirring. Not only will this book continue to the top the charts and set the cash registers rolling for a long time, Amish’s gargantuan fan base ought to keep increasing as well. by Now the long wait begins for the next installment.

Do check this book out here:


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