Spider:Far from home – Rangas Review

A Visual Extravaganza this movie stands out for its exemplary visual effects as well as scintillating sounds effects. A movie tailor-made to be enjoyed the “Dolby Atmos + RDX effect” at Thecinema this is an experience not to be missed.

MarvelStudios & Columbia_Pictures is back with yet another movie from the Spider-Man franchise but this as movie true to the title provides a “Far From Usual” experience owing to the following reasons:

1. Exemplary Visual Effects:

The visual effects provided by Framestore, Industrial Light & Magic, Image Engine, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Luma Pictures, Rising Sun Pictures, Scanline VFX, Territory Studio, and Method Studios deserve a thunderous round of applause. If they create an impact in the first half. the second half is where they totally take us thunder and demand our attention.It goes on to augment the entertainment level of a movie to a huge extent. The scenes pertaining to advance holography, hallucination leaves us audience dizzy and totally entertained. While EDITH is such a wonderful concept-on-paper based on augmented reality it has been articulated very well on screen and is such as visual marvel.

2. Rise of the New Avenger:

While the void left by Tony stark can never be filled, EDITH with its prowess and capability serves as a brilliant substitute and is a core element to the success of the move. Armed with advanced augmented reality features, a gargantuan army of drones as well as other satellites this sure packs a punch. Very well planned, executed as well as enacted.

3. Characterization of Quentin Beck:

The characterization of Quentin is such a strength to the movie ”Jack gyllenhaal” plays it to perfection. Unlike the previous movie you actually start sympathizing with the character. There is a high dose of deceiving as well as cunningness that makes this character very special as well.

4. End-Credits scene:

Do not miss the End- Credits scene. It is something you have never seen before and sets the ball rolling for a very interesting sequel.

The following factors add strength to the movie as well:
Jon watts has made the narration top-notch aided by some humor here and there as well as single story line.

Tom Holland, ”Jack gyllenhaal”, Samuel Jackson play their part to perfection and is a big plus to the movie.

Background score by Michael Giacchino aids the out of the world visual effects really well.

This is an experience thats not to be missed. Go catch spidey in full force. I am going with 4/5 for this movie. #Rangasreview, #Marvelstudios, #Columbiapictures, #Spidermanfarfromhome


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