The experience called Big Bang Theory!!

In its unique way BBT has given us lot of evergreen memories to cherish forever. Be it the ubiquitous humor, Sheldonifying audience, glorifying geeks, games, superhero movies, starwars, professor photon @bigbangtheory_cbs will hold a place in our heart and minds forever.

Thank you @billprady, Chuck Lorre, @sanctionedjohnnygalecki, @therealjimparsons, @kaleycuoco, @simonhelbergoficial, @kunalkarmanayyar, @thesaragilbert, @missmayim,@themelissarauch, @kevsussman , @itslauraspencer and the entire crew of @bigbangtheory_cbs for one heck of a ride for the past 12 years.


Characterization at its very best, Each of the lead characters be it #Sheldon,#Leonard,#Raj,#Howard,#Amy, #Bernadette,#Penny they have entertained us in their respective manner.


The chemistry these characters have amidst themselves is one of the biggest selling points of the show. This entertainment is further augmented by the sparks they set in pairs: Raj& Howard, Sheldon&Leonard, Sheldon&Penny, Penny,Amy,Bernadette.

Some of the Sheldon’s mannerisms like Penny,Penny,Penny,#Bazinga,Bathroomschedule,Roommate agreement, #Sheldonspot will haunt us for a long time.

The Episode that matters:

Expectations were sky high but Bill & Chuck have got it bang on in terms of the end episode and the backstage episode. I especially enjoyed the maturity of Sheldon and was especially impressed with the sharp dialogues.

Emotions over Humour:

While all the previous episodes had the scales tilted in favour of humour over emotions, the last one was more about the emotions and thats what makes the final episode a very memorable one. The thankyou gesture for the entire cast and crew was a very thoughtful one too.

Original vs Sitcom:

While the original big bang theory says the universe started with a small singularity and inflated over next 13.8 billion years to the cosmos we know today, this sitcom started occupying our hearts with #Sheldon and slowly expanded to other characters, moments and scintillating experiences over the course of 12 years to where we are today.

You will be missed. We now await the forthcoming episodes of #Youngsheldon with more fervour and vigor. Love you 3000 @bigbangtheory_cbs
for the experience. A memorable one indeed!!


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