Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the creator of Nike – Rangas Review

This book by Phil Knight stands out for its authenticity. An engaging tale of his path to success, this one is a must read for all wannabe Entrepreneurs out there.


I loved this memoir for the following reasons:

Narration Style:

Phil has managed to keep things simple, authentic taking us his through his journey to the stardom. While engaging for the most part he has ensured he covers all the crucial details about his adventure odyssey, teaching us much about Innovation and Creativity. The gifted story teller that he is, he has managed to engagingly convey all the details about Nike’s transition from a start-up to one of the world’s most iconic brands.

Articulation about Brand “Nike”:

Phil has also managed to convey all constituents of Brand Nike and its unique Swoosh in his signature style. Many of us might have sported a Nike before but after reading this book and getting to know about the scintillating story of innovation, survival and triumph that has stood behind every swoosh we get a great sense of respect for the brand.

Inspiration for all the wanna be Entrepreneurs:

Phil manages to keep it very authentic and takes us through everything right from his initial days of begging and borrowing from reluctant banks to how he assembled a team of eccentric but reluctant misfits to built something unique and paradigm changing. He also covers all aspects from an external environment as well as political factors standpoint and thats what increases the appeal factor of this book significantly, making it a must read for all the wannabe entrepreneurs out there. A real inspiration for everyone out there with an unconventional dream.


All the building pillars of Brand Nike have been well detailed out. Their persona and contribution makes it very interesting to read about. Especially his adventures at Japan, the characters he meets there and the related elements makes for a very engaging read. The special bond that he shares with his wife and her contributions too are very well enunciated.

Its an amazing tale that is very real. Its a memoir for the people who love sport, want to start on their own and will definitely appeal to all the memoir lovers. The pages that you will fold down for further reference are too many to mention here. Last but not least, the , manner in which the grit, passion and perseverance required to succeed is brought out is what makes this book a must-read and unique among all the memoirs. #Shoedog #RangasReview

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