Your Happiness was Hacked – Rangas Review

A Need of the Hour, This book by Vivek Wadhwa talks in detail about one of the statements supposedly told by Mr Einstein “I Fear the day when technology will overtake mankind”. While the concept of technology being “omnipresent” has become house-hold this book makes us introspect in terms of what we can do to help us humans control technology, use it for betterment of our lives rather than letting it control us and causing ruckus in every dimension of our lives right from Personal life to work-productivity.


The Author has picked it up from where he left us in his previous book “The Driver in the Driverless Car”.  He has once again left us introspecting a lot towards thinking about technology in our lives and re-think our approach again in a granular manner thereby helping us adapt to our new reality of omnipresent technology.

This book appealed to me for the following reasons:

Unanimous appeal:

This book ought to appeal to each one of us in one or the other ways. Aside technology use and its impending impact, iPhones, Alexas, Streaming platforms like Youtube, Google, Twitter and impact on children making them obese make its appeal very vast. It also delves into issues such as FOMO etc. PUBG has also rised as a demon in terms of the impact it has had on youngsters. The focus especially on “grumpy quasiLuddites lecturing millennials & Generation Z” as the book terms them leaves a lot to ponder about.

Authenticity of the book:

While the book not only talks about the problems it also talks about the solution and whats needed to be done from our end as well. In terms of structure it has a very nice framework that lends it both depth as well as substance. The impact is very well chalked out by considering various impactful things right from pornography, online dating to Social networking. Terms like Technostress, Online Technology too makes us very curious as readers.

Impact on Us, our lives:

This book very neatly sketches out the kind of impact technology in its omni-present various avatars leaves in us on a negative sense. By addressing questions on “Apps usage” as well as “To Tech or not to Tech” we are showed on how technology can become toxic to our lives.

The Solution:

The book discusses in an elaborate manner in terms of solutions needed to address problem. Considering Apps that act as complement-or making our lives better, doing better work through tech, holistic approach on “Tech” Platforms and how tech makers should respond: Restraint, Respect and Choice. These small steps as discussed will help us make slow yet steady progress towards achieving the delicate balance that will lead to a happier and more fulfilling life. This helps us make an enough impression in us to help people change their view of technology.

Please do check this book out here to read more about one of the most significant aspect of our lives:












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