Seethakaathi – Rangas Review

Seethakaathi is a perfect tribute to the path taken by Makkal Selvan VijaySethupathi to this stardom. A fitting movie for his 25th movie and he has passed out with flying colours in his signature style.

In the limited screen time he gets he manages to leave enough impact in us to occupy our minds well beyond the closure of the movie.

Mouli sir, Mahendran sir and Archana mam have played their part to perfection and it is such a delight to watch the performance of Rajkumar and Saravanan.

The director Balaji Tharaneetharan manages to rewrite his own version of Pareto principle yet again. If it was Enachu and Pppahhhh in Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom it is romantic look and Ammmaaa in this movie leaving the audience in a torrent of laughter. The chemistry between Baks and Saravanan has worked it’s magic yet again.

Music by Govind Vasantha has its own shades adapting well to the serious and hilarious sequence of events. Art is a form very divine and providing a source of income to lots of artists. It’s importance has been told in a very persuasive and entertaining style by the director.

Serious and Slow for the most part and outright hilarious for the rest this movie is a must watch for its lead star and the art he worships is serving with lots of dedication, passion. I am going with 4/5 for this movie. #RangasReview #Seethakaathi #VijaySethupathi #MakkalSelvan


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