2.0 – Rangas Review

One of Einstein’s forebodings goes like this “I fear the day when Technology will Surpass our human interaction”. This pretty much sums up 2.0 delivered as a stunning spectacle & VFX Behemoth delivered by Shankar-DIRECTOR in his signature style.

First things first, Shankar sir needs to be lauded for his effort and dedication. Time and again he not only has a very futuristic vision, storyline but he also ensures he leaves no stones unturned to ensure that vision is achieved in his signature style Majestic and so gallant. His Persistency has paid and not only has he got “Third time” lucky in terms of the Studio that provided him the perfection he wanted in terms of clarity but has resulted in us audience being sucked into a vortex of Entertainment.

The VFX & 3D effects is the biggest selling point of this movie. The new third axis that gets added to our visual senses is so scintillating. Be it the height of the grass on the fields, the coldness of a still born child, the glint of gratefulness in the bird’s eyes when its able to reach her nest it has been extrapolated to a whole new level and leaves such an impact in us. The one scene especially where Patchi ji captures the flight of gulls & other birds is so soothing & relaxing to our eyes. Not only that we also get to envisage the emotions portrayed by the protagonists at a granular level. Especially ones showed by :Chitti & Kutti.

Rajinikanth the Superstar continues to do what he is best at entertaining us audience to the very dime. His exploits in each of the 3 avatars helps us a flash of his previous evergreen avatars especially “Moondru Mugam”. The herculean effort he has put up has come out well and this movie has achieved the grandeur that it has only because of Star power, Fan power and his signature Aura & Charisma.

Akshay Kumar makes a very impressive debut and though he is literally doused on VFX effects he still manages to give out a very substantial performance as a Villain who can match upto to “Super star’s standards”

Shankar sir manages to trod on successfully in yet another Revenge saga with a storyline thats very relevant in today’s world. Riding on his impeccable narration skills, thought provoking message & his midas touch he manages to keep us audience hooked yet again with his “Aura”

Amy jackson & other supporting actors play the perfect supporting fiddle. A.R.Rahman sir has provided the perfect background score to go with the flow of the movie as relevant.

Dialogues though not as effective as “Sujata” sir’s works for most of the times. with meaning such as ” you make us humans awe-struck birds, who laugh by getting money on credit” they convey lot of deep meaning.

I also loved the little “Star wars” touch Shankar has brought in to the movie with the rolling “R2D2” in the screens in addition to the other Virtual reality and the grandeur even in terms of Vasigaran’s car & Chotta Bora cars (Highly upscale sports models of BMW i8).

That being said there are some Kutti “flaws” in the movie. In a few close up scenes Patchi ji’s make up line in the neck is visible thanks to the impeccable quality of 3D. In one of the scenes where Patchi is attacking the city a Police jeep comes in with one of the doors already defitted. The last 10 minutes does not go with super sonic speed of the earlier 110 minutes and appears a bit hazy. But all those can be excused for the kind of the effect this produces in us audience leaving us in a daze.

This is one stunning Visual spectacle thats ought to be watched, enjoyed & revered in theatres. Go watch Chitti & Kutti taking on “Patchi” Its a sight not to be missed.

I am going with 4.5 / 5 for this movie. #rangasreview #2PointO #Shankar


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