Chekka Chivandha Vanam – Rangas Review

Manirathnam sir is back with a bang with Chekka Chivantha Vaanam that has all the significant elements that makes Mani sir unique as a creator and someone who always strikes the right chords by portraying emotions very effectively time and again.

What I specifically like about Mani sir in the movie is the way he has handled four stars who are unique and effective in their own unique manner. In fact he has ensured each of them get significant screen time, have scenes that will appeal to each of their fans and last but not least he has also ensured their acting skills are leveraged to the fullest from the aspect of the movie. Meticulous Mani sir is on song and that is a big boost the movie.

Aravind Swamy is very effective as the strong yet emotionally insecure Varadan. His golden run with his Mentor Mani sir continues.
Simbu as Ethi totally gels in with the character and is such a treat to watch. Mani sir has made the use of his acting repertoire and makes him a vital cog for the movie.

Arun Vijay as Thyagu looks very stylish and gives out a very effective performance and he all does this effortlessly.

Last but not least Vijay Sethupathi the man with the Midas touch simple steals the show with his usual effortless, simple yet very effective and authentic acting. His combination with Mani sir’s directorial panache forms a reason strong enough for us to watch the movie for that very sole reason. As Rasool he has yet again delivered the goods. He gets better and better with each of his movies and is simply growing in statue both as an actor and performer.

The chemistry that each of these stars is simply stunning and augments the entertainment quotient of the movie. This is where the rare individual parts is greater than sum really works out. While the overall part is effective the individual combination of Ethi & Rasool, Thyagu & Ethi, Varadhan & Rasool is very engaging sight for the audience.

Excellent supporting performances from Prakash raj, Jaya Sudha, Thyagarajan.

Except for Jyothika the other heroines have pretty mundane roles not the usual sight for a Mani sir movie.

A.R. Rahman sir along with Qutub has given a very powerful music. The background score especially for each of the four lead characters is simple stunning and makes such an impact. Among all Thyagu’s is my favorite. Mazhai Kuruvi is so mellifluous and in ARR sir voice it leaves the audience on a high.

Santhosh Sivan sir’s cinematography is such a delight to watch and contributes a big manner towards the authenticity of the movie. It makes it such a visual treat.

The run time of the movie is very neat and trim and naturally the smoothness of the movie takes a hit. Transitions are not as smooth as per usual Mani sir standards. Especially the post interval scene took me by surprise.

Overall this movie is a volcano that Mani sir has built of emotions. It slowly starts hissing, spewing flames as the movie progresses and exploding very powerfully as the movie ends showering us audience with loads of entertainment in the process.

I am going with 4/5 for this movie. #ChekkaChivanthaVanam #RangasReview #ManiRathnam


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