Sanjay – A craftsman par Excellence!!

It is said the principles of true art is not to portray but to evoke. Being not much of an artist once I got my schooling done I was not able to reason this saying until I saw Sanjay & his creations. Each of his creations were speaking more than a 1000 words, evoking a rich tapestry of emotions in the people who saw them. In short he appeared to be a master of his game and naturally I got curious to find more details about this creative & artistic genius.

As I dug in deeper I found each of his works to be both aesthetically and intellectually appealing too. I also found out he had a clear purpose when it comes to his creations and he had a natural gift and flair to churn out creations that stand out for its beauty and meaningfulness, specifically, painting, sculpture, drawing, watercolor, graphics, and architecture time and again.

His story has enough elements that it will give any superstar movie a run for its money. Right from a small age Sanjay was interested in art and coming from a economically challenged family he didn’t have enough resources to get proper training. But that didn’t deter Sanjay from learning and making slow yet steady progress. True to Karnan’s style, He learnt on his etching creations on his own and churning out master pieces Time and again.

Here is a quick tour of some of his creations:

Glass art:

An Elegant yet cherubic flower vase

A dark background and a glossy coloring on contrast makes this art unique in terms of the beauty of the bird and emotions that are evoked in us.

Fabric art:

A marriage procession has been outlined, coloured and ironed to perfection bringing out all its flamboyance, richness and last but not least liveliness of the occasion

A stunning depiction of a magnificent peacock leveraging his skills in stitching, painting, artistic know-how to perfection.

A traditional, simple yet elegant wall art to adorn the hall greeting guests in the most charming way casting a spell upon them

Wall art:

A poster designed for his school during Christmas Eve where he spent hours on chalking this landscape and most importantly the mood & ambience to perfection.

A woman at work drawn to perfection bringing out her beauty in the most elegant manner.

Sanjay enjoys painting and his passion for this is evident in the clarity of his thoughts and the quality of his creations. He specializes in the following work of art and his skills like his passion runs very deep.

1. Pencil Sketching

2. Fabric Painting

3. Glass Painting

4. Art & Crafts(Screen art, Coconut etching)

5. Embroidery

6. Moorthy Pandals design

7. Calligraphy

Vivid Imagination:

The other speciality of Sanjay is his impactful and mellifluous imagination. He draws portraits full and full from his imagination and is on full song with lots of fervour whenever he is creating one. On an average he takes 60 minutes to finish and there are times when he takes 7 hours too.

A kid with his full innocent etched to perfection.

Sanjay is truly a master of his game, a hard worker and someone who takes his painting seriously. In case you would like to know more about Sanjay or would like to hire his services please do drop a mail at

It’s eve of the Ganesh chaturthi today. We always pray to him when we take a first step towards any larger goal. I am someone who loves unleashing new talents and help them get the right opportunities so that they can come up further in life, doing the work they deserve and fulfilling their destiny. That’s the catalyst for this blog. Let’s us all help Sanjay taking that first step in his journey of thousand miles. Let us help Sanjay unleash his creativity courtesy opportunities because that’s what he is meant to do.

Looking forward to hear from you!!


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3 thoughts on “Sanjay – A craftsman par Excellence!!”

  1. Prolific works. Still remember going through his Pencil Arts when I was 11 years old. Looking at these fantabulous arts just reminds me of how good an artist he was and is. His Pencil sketches are his Bhramastra, anyone will fall in love with it. Excellent Article and Kudos to Sanjay Bhaiya. More to life. ❤❤


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