Keepers of the Kalachakra – Rangas Review

Champions make winning a habit. On a similar note the literary rock-star “Ashwin Sanghi” has made entertaining & thrilling us readers as a habit and he has managed to ace it yet again.


Reading this book reminded me of the kind of experience I faced while watching Interstellar or for that matter any Christopher Nolan movie. There is lot of depth in the story, lot of advanced topics being dealt with, lots of knots being tied that you kind of feel a bit tiring & sort of walking in a maze but at the end of the movie it will be such a fantastic experience that we will want to do it all over again. Such is the kind of vigor that Ashwin has managed to keep the audience hooked again and kudos to him for making the Brand Ashwin Sanghi fly tall & high with the release of each of his earlier books.

Time as a concept is dealt with in a deep manner in this being analyzed from lot of perceptions that we as a reader feel we are sucked in another world courtesy a vortex of Thrill, Suspense, Intense action & Insane twists.

The book has got it basics right in terms of the following aspects:


Like his previous books the author has managed to keep it simple with a few pivotal characters & managed to move the plot centered around them ably backed up by all the supporting characters

Articulation Style:

Though the Author has leveraged lot of interesting, complex topics such as Time, Advanced theories, Spirituality he has managed to keep it simple & articulated it effectively in a manner that reaches each of the section of the audience. This is one of the biggest selling points for this book.

Chronological Order:

Though the order of narration is not entirely ascending the Author has managed to tie in each of events happening at different time zones really well and connected it well to the crux of the story. This makes the narration very appealing.

Rich Tapestry of Twists & Turns:

The more the knots & the more complex it is the more it is difficult to untie them. But the Author manages to pull one out of the hat by managing it really well, deploying the right balance. It has contributed as a X-factor for this book.

Rich Verbal Imagery:

The Author as usual manages to augment the effectiveness quotient by deploying lot of verbal imagery that helps us visualize each of the rich flora, fauna, setup being discussed. Its makes us engrossed.

Well begun is half well done but the author also manages to end it really well in his signature style leaving us thoroughly entertained. This book is a must read and certainly deserves each of the minute that you spend reading this gem of a book. Job well done Ashwin. You are truly a master at this game!!

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Do check out the book here:


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