Kaala – Rangas Review

Kaala is composed quintessial elements of a movie that’s going to set the cash registers rolling for a significant time. This Kaala is powerful, herculean and Robust. Go Enjoy the Kaala Juggernaut as he rolls on his opponents.

In China, the color black is associated with water, one of the five fundamental elements believed to compose all things. On a similar note @kaala is composed quintessial elements of a movie that’s going to set the cash registers rolling for a significant time.

Just like Voldemort hid his life in 7 horcruxes Ranjith too has hid the soul of the movie in 7 horcruxes.

1. Horcrux 1: SuperStar Rajinikanth True to his stature he delivers a power-packed performance yet again enthralling the audience to the every rupee spent. As Karikaalan he looks imposing and swashbuckling dazzling us with his style, swag, charisma Every time he appears on the screen. Along with Mahindra Thar, Black coolers & attire and he forms a deadly combo almost blinding us with his magnificence. Whenever Thalaivar takes center stage the cinematic elements in a movie takes back stage but this movie is different with him proving his acting prowess as well for a significant part. He has once passed the litmus test with flying colours

2. Horcux 2: Santhosh Narayanan His music has taken the swag effect of Thalaivar to a whole new level. The magic he manages to produce with the guitar makes us swivel to his tunes. His Background score too is simply stunning and is almost like a toxic raaga whose effect is so inundating. The chemistry that he shares with Ranjith is simply fantabulous and I hope they in more movies down the lane. Among all the songs Katravai Patravai and @kannamma stand out. Both of them might be on Two different genre but is so intoxicating & mellifluous respectively.

3. Horcrux 3: The story. Liked I mentioned earlier despite having a larger than life persona like Rajini Kudos to the director for giving a story that has its depth, purpose and yet is engaging. Sticking to his repertoire he manages to bring a social message in this movie as well. Kudos to the director.

4. Horcrux 4: @Nana Patekar as Hari Dada is so effective as the powerful villain. His presence and performance go a big way towards the impact this movie creates and his standoff scenes with Kaala are simply stunning.

5. Horcrux 5: Cinematography by @Murali G results in the creation of stunning visuals that makes this movie so memorable. His work especially in paatravai, kaatravai and pre interval Thalaivar Viswaroopam scene will make him remember for a long time to come. He needs to be lauded for creating Dharavi in front of our eyes.

6. Horcrux 6: Dialogues help in lending quite some depth of the movies and the right hand of the movie’s intent is very impactful.

7. Horcrux 7: Last but not least the man of the hour Ranjith himself. He has got it bang on this time too. He has clearly improvised on short coming in @Kabali and has delivered the goods. To me he is like an organization with a clear Vision. He seems to be making movies with a clear intent and target in mind. It is never easy to direct an actor like Rajini who has a larger than life persona but he has managed to do it yet again may be taking a cue from @Thanos bringing the right balance between essential quality cinema and at the same time entertaining Thalaivar fans as well.

Excellent supporting performances from @Eashwari rao, Huma Quereshi, Samuthirakani and Dilipan. Big laurels to producers as well for backing such a movie.

Having said that moving to other side of the coin, Ranjith needs to be careful in terms of unleashing his creativity. He has managed to do a tight rope walk here and even lays his hands on quite some serious and critical issues. Unless he is careful he is bound to open the pandoras box here. This movie has also come at the right time for Rajini’s political aspirations and Ranjith leverages this context to the fullest. The movie is full of Thalaivars mass and for the masses. Some more crisp editing would have made this movie more enjoyable. The Fag end of Climax reminds us of the popcorn at Satyam. Runs out of both Flavour and butter and is a bit bleak.

This Kaala is powerful, herculean and Robust. Go Enjoy the Kaala Juggernaut as he rolls on his opponents. I am going with 3.5/ 5 for this movie. #Kaala #RangasReview


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