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Watching a telugu movie always reminds me of the visit to a Andhra Mess. You ideally get to have delicious, sumptuös, spicy and good return on invested capital.

This movie is no different with stylish star Allu Arjun enthralling us all the way with his swag,style,gutso and obliviously dance as well. He gerrymanders his enemies into submission and looks totally imposing in this action avatar.

Vakkantham Vamsi needs to be lauded for having etched this character “Surya” to perfection. It is the primordial selling point of the movie. Soldier Surya is dogmatic to his principles in the truest sense possible. He is an angry well built young man who always lets his flexed muscles do the talking and always lets his brain take the back seat.

Allu Arjun with his fiery eyes, clenched fists & pumped up body has totally lived the character and in fact shouldered the entire movie.He is swashbuckling in the high octane action sequences and moves the audience in the patriotic and emotional sequences. He sure is Punching, Dancing & Performing his way to glory.

The stortyline centering around Surya is pretty much straight foward and the director needs to be lauded again for having shown our nation’s armed forces, their sacrifice in good limelight.

Some of the dialogues such as “We remember & revere Kapil Dev who won the 1983 world cup for us but we hardly remember even one soldier who had fought in the kargil war shows the irony well and raised lots of questions in us leaving us emotionally drained.

The climax too leaves the audience pulverized and kudos the director for creating that effect. R. Sarath Kumar gives a solid performance as the villain.

Arjun Sarja & Nadiya Moidu perform well in small yet meaty roles. Thakur Anoop Singh , Sai Kumar – Actor & Boman Irani too play their part to perfection. Anu Emmanuel does a neat job of whatever was in scope for her. Vishal & Shekhar music augments the action quotient of the movie and their BG for Surya is especially very effective.

Moving to the other side of the coin,Some more crisp editing could have helped the movie’s cause. Some of the songs serve as a speed breaker and could have been avoided.

Watch it for Allu Arjun’s Swag & Style. His fans ought to have a great time. I am going with 3/5 for this movie. #NaaPeruSuryaNaaIlluIndia #EnPeruSuryaEnVeeduIndia #rangasreview #AlluArjun


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