October – Rangas Review

Watching October is like witnessing the bloom of a flower. It does demand you to be patient yet at the end of it as u witness nature’s magic you are smitten by its charm & magnificence.


A title for any movie is very important. It not only gives a preview but also helps set in the relevant expectations amidst audience. Very few movies have so much convey through the title and October Movie is one such rare flower that blooms bright & leaves us in awe courtesy its magnificence & is so alluring. Having been associated with spring time, the season is generally known for rejuvenation, renewal & regrowth. It is not known for bright colors or happy events yet this month will captivate you in its own way of charm.

The charm of this movie lies in its mellifluous yet stupendous cinematography. One Frame, You are shown the bloom of bright flowers amidst a foggy Delhi background. Another Frame, You are shown a Squirrel & Sparrow eating grains on the road. The placement is placed in the most meticulous manner that it engulfs you as an audience when it comes to the impact quotient. Avik Mukhopadhayay take a bow your work is as elegant & powerful as the flowers you have captured. 

Varun Dhawan comes up with a power packed performance as Dan. A Meaty performance it goes on to speak volumes about the kind of potential that he holds in him. He is the fulcrum in this movie playing a very pivotal role. Banita Sandhu makes an impressive debut and comes up with a fabulous performance as Shiuli. Though she is in a vegetative state for most of the part, she still manages to leave an impact by essaying a challenging role & passing it with flying colors. The Supporting cast including Gitanjali Rao , Sahil & Prashanth Singh too play their part to perfection.

The movie is a bit slow paced and might appeal only to those genuine movie lovers with a knack for being patient. What makes us cope with the slow pace of the movie is the in-depth characterization that makes this a meaningful outing. Kudos to Shoojit Sircar for having given such a meaningful movie yet again. He forays onto a very emotional subject, yet keeps it engrossing leaving the audience in maximum impact at the of the movie. He is a creator with a very clear purpose and thanks to this meticulous vision it is Cinema & Cinema lovers who are getting benefitted at the end of the day. 

Shantanu Moitra Official soulful music stirs your inner soul and empowers you into total involvement with the movie. The characters move you to such an extent that as you travel back and an Ambulance crosses you, you are reminded of the movie & its relevant scenes . Watching October is like witnessing the bloom of a flower. It does demand you to be patient yet at the end of it as u witness nature’s magic you are smitten by its charm & magnificence. I am going with 4/5 for this movie. Go watch this beautiful flower engulf our hearts with its own unique way of charm & charisma. #October #RangasReview


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