The curious case of the yellow silk saree

I was lying dormant in the Saree rack and it was a lazy afternoon. I was checking out the instagram page of the gorgeous kanchivaram silk Sarees and Georgettes. And that was when it happened. All Hell broke loose and it was a total chaos.

It was business as usual in the newly opened store. Ladies of all sorts were busy scurrying through the entire selection similar to the connoisseurs on rampage during the buffet hunt at hotels. The guys accompanying them were cursing their fates for having to spend the afternoon in this ridiculous manner of looking after their kids, grand kids or serving as a porter to their luggages.

I was lying in the shelf using my IPhone-X to drool over the latest pictures posted by my crush Kanchivaram silk Saree in her instagram handle. And that was when the lady in green Saree picked me. She has come along with her daughter and I was kept in a corner along with few other Sarees.

There was another lady sitting near by and was looking over a few Sarees. She had come along with her family and having gone through a few Sarees her eyes fell on me and she came and picked me up after getting permission from the lady in green Saree. Though she courteously agreed the lady in green Saree got smitten by the envious bug so common among women.

Though she had 100 Saree’s in front of her and was hardly interested in me she seemed to have developed a special interest in me after the other lady picked me up. I was happy glad and shy having become aware of this fact. And that’s when all hell broke loose that lady in green Saree started complaining to the store sales man that her privacy was being intruded and the sky is blue and all lame reasons. Her face looked red and as though she was a Boiler with mouth stuffed full of Idlis.I was hardly able to control my smile and managed to loose a few threads in the process.

The other lady waited before returning her words for each and every syllable and it was utter chaos. It was like kurukshetra and the other ladies mom too joined the party and started helicopter shots like Dhoti in terms of abuses. The war of words was getting ugly and the salesman looked confused, dislodged and tired.The party in the green Saree seemed to be losing favour with the crowd and the other party seem to be winning. Amidst all this I was left alone in the corner and I was making the best use of this opportunity by filming all this on my mobile.

Finally the owner stepped in and saved the blushes. He pacified both the sides as a perfect diplomat. He also arranged for water bottles and the crowd slowly started to disperse. The lady in green Saree lazed around for a few more minutes and left along with her daughter after wasting some more time of the sales men. The winning group managed to purchase quite a few Sarees and left after a visit to the fourth floor.

It might not have been a Happy ending for the humans involved but it was definitely a very happy ending for the onlookers and a very happy ending for me. I managed to upload the fight video on my facebook, twitter and instagram handles and it instantly became a hit amidst the Sarees. The battle was even more intense than the battle between Prabhaas & Rana in Bahubali 2 and I became an overnight celebrity in Social Media.

P. S: Inspired from real life events at A leading cloth store in Coimbatore. Please do not try this at home 😈😈😈 Stunts were performed by experts 😜😜


Published by: rangathecreator

I am a common man with the power to communicate. I am ardent reader of books, a Technophile. a public speaker and last but not least movie buff. I have also been a passionate toastmaster for the past 5 years and have attained the highest level of DTM. When I get time I also review movies and books constructively on my Fb page "RangaReviews". I have created this page to share my thoughts on topics that interest me and I believe will benefit others too. I am of the strong opinion that communication is a two way process and it has to happen between the communicator & receiver as well. Feel free to drop in your suggestions and thanks for spending your valuable time to read my posts.


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