The one with Kothu Parota..

They had come home together with his partner both the parcels had a delicious aroma wafting through not only my nostrils but our entire home. The setup was enticing and I was already gobbling up the Kothu Parota in my imagination. I eagerly opened up the parcel and my sister joined me. If only Life had been so simple.At that juncture I received a call from my Friend and my entire world turned Topsy-Turvy.

kothu parotta.JPG

The year was 2006 and I had been home for my Semester holidays. It was just seven days but I planned to make the most of it by eating , sleeping to my heart’s content. Days were going well and I also spent considerable time playing games in my system as well: EA Sports (Cricket), Counter Strike & Vice city. India suffered a humiliating defeat in a recent overseas tour and I was avenging their defeat by representing and leading India to Glory in the Virtual version.

It was a Friday and the fifth day of the vacation. In the evening I had the craving to taste the legendary Kothu Parota and went to get the same. I got two parcels for me and my sister and rushed home. Trust me after inhaling the delicious aroma of the Kothu parota while its being minced and that twenty minutes to reach home with the Parcels is definitely very challenging and your stomach pangs add fuel to the fire as well.

I reached home and as we were about to open the parcel a call came from my friend Ram. It was a call that was going to bring my entire world crashing. Our semester results were out and I had flunked in two papers. I was hoping to at-least scrape through and this news was indeed shocking. What was more paining was the separation from my KP parcel. “So near yet so far” I understood the real meaning of that day.

All hell broke lose that moment, my Sister began to blast me for my carelessness, for playing games endlessly on computer, (true to counter strike style I was getting a head shot and I felt like paint guns was getting sprayed all over my damn face). Her reasons for blaming me was never ending and was even deeper than that of a abyss. I was getting mashed even more than the parota on the tava. What should have been an engrossing time for my taste buds turned out to be an grilling time for my ear buds. I was hoping my mom will come and save the blushes soon.

I was getting worried. Not for my Sister’s scathing evaluation. I wish she could have been a toastmaster at that time. She needs to learn the “Art of Evaluation”. I decided enough is enough and stood up for me. I interrupted my sister, looked her into the eyes and said “The Kothu parota was going cold” without even a tiny ounce of shame in my heart. My Sister was stunned for words and left the room in a huff.

I stood looking at her leave and decided upon my next course of action. It is said that Opportunities never knock the door alone. I decided to use mine and started having both the kothu parota parcels because nothing is worse than wasting an opportunity to eat more food πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Though this incident took years back it still leaves a smile in me whenever I pass a kothu parota shop. I do hope it manages to leave a smile in you as well. I would love to hear your experiences about the same. Happy eating. Happy weekend!!!


Published by: rangathecreator

I am a common man with the power to communicate. I am ardent reader of books, a Technophile. a public speaker and last but not least movie buff. I have also been a passionate toastmaster for the past 5 years and have attained the highest level of DTM. When I get time I also review movies and books constructively on my Fb page "RangaReviews". I have created this page to share my thoughts on topics that interest me and I believe will benefit others too. I am of the strong opinion that communication is a two way process and it has to happen between the communicator & receiver as well. Feel free to drop in your suggestions and thanks for spending your valuable time to read my posts.

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