The Shape of Water: an Elixir – Rangas Review

The shape of water is a real elixir amidst various movies and is not to be missed.


The shape of water is a movie in many aspects very similar to the elixir of life “Water”. At the onset its a appear movie that appears transparent, nearly odorless. It does not possess any vital nutrients and yet it managed to strike to rich in terms of awards this year with the latest one being the Oscars. To understand this one has look deep just like most of the water is found in earth’s interiors.

Water among the five forces of nature has the capability to purify things and is generally crystal clear. This movie on a similar note helps purify the thoughts that is ringing in the mind of the audience. It mainly delves around one topic that getting depleted at the same rate as non renewable resources – “Compassion” & “Empathy” towards fellow human beings. It might also the reason that might have lead the film and it’s crew to be showered with awards this year.

What makes this elixir to refreshing is not one but the following reasons. Guillermo del Toro He has taken on a very essential subject that’s difficult to be conveyed in an engrossing manner to the audience. Yet he manages to play his cards well and pass with flying colors with panache. Among all the aspects the manner in which he has characterized Elisa and Asset “The Amphibian man” needs to be lauded. There is no elaborate dialogues or background yet he manages to bring the connect in a bare minimum gestures, interaction & bonding.

Sally Hawkins as Elisa does a fabulous job and is a real asset to the movie leaving such an impact in the audience. Doug Jones as the Asset is a real asset to the movie. Michael Shannon, Richard Jenkins, Octavia Spencer & Michael Stuhlbarg too play their part to perfection. All the characters are strong dots in the movie and when connected they leave such a meaningful impact. Alexandre Desplat’s music is so soulful and stirring and augments the impact level of the movie.

This movie might not appeal to all the section of the audience but ought to appeal to genuine movie lovers who can be a bit patient as well. The shape of water is a real elixir amidst various movies and is not to be missed. I am going with 4/5 for this gem of a movie. #TheShapeofWater#RangasReview


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