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Thana serntha kootam is an typical entertainer thats ought to appeal to every segment of the audience thanks to its ubiquitous entertainment, gripping screenplay & meticulous performances from its lead cast.


An Adaptation of any hit movie is always a big challenge. In this case it was only made more difficult by Special 26 made memorable by the impeccable combination of Neeraj pandey & Akshay Kumar. With that being said Vignesh ShivN needs to be lauded by not only passing this litmus test with flying colors but also acing the next level as a Director. He made an impact with Poda Podi & created a buzz with his sensational Naanum Rowdy Dhaan. If those were his own creations, now he has managed to deliver the good with an adaptation as well. A clear testimony to the amount of maturity he has obtained as a film maker. Retaining the original crux he manages to lend his signature touch to the movie enthralling the audience in the process.

Yet again a fabulous performance from Suriya Sivakumar. The typical landhu & sarcasm so typical of his native region Coimbatore, India suits him well and rekindles memories in us of his Mounam Pesiyadhe days. It will augur well for him and his fans if he continues to play more such roles in the future.

Anirudh Ravichander scores yet again and augments the entertainment quotient of the movie with Sodakku mela song being the pick of the lot. The movie is equally aided by the meticulous performances of the lead crew Keerthy SureshRamya KrishnanKarthik (actor), Senthil , Nantha & yester year actor Suresh Menon. Neat little cameo from RJ Balaji as well.

This is one heist film thats a perfect family movie for the holiday season. I am going with 3.5/5 for this movie. #ThanaSernthaKootam#RangasReview


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