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Mersal is a commercial entertainer thats purely intended for the masses & Actor Vijay fans. Atlee Kumar continues from he left us in Theri sculpting yet another Outright Entertainer where other typical cinematic elements take a backseat. Personally from an Audience standpoint i believe it augurs well. Thanks to the recent 24*7 surge prices Tickets are almost a 250 per ticket and you would want a minimum guarantee. Yes Mersal scores in that regard. You get to see a power packed performance from its lead star, you get to dance to some blistering music by A.R. Rahman, you get quite a few scintillating action blocks to up the ante further.

A Fabulous performance from our Thalapathy Actor Vijay. Overall his performance is as good as watching an Raging bull in full flow at the Alanganallur Jallikattu. As Thalapathy he is gentle yet equally menancing, As Maran he is soft & sensible, As Vetri he is aggressive & fiery. Three different shades of the character very well portrayed even in terms of dialogue delivery & mannerisms. He scores a perfect ten in terms of high volatile action sequences & Delightful dance steps. His movements especially in Mersal Arasan song leaves the Audience in total Frenzy. The dialogue/ Analogy now has to change, The Wine like Actor Vijay also gets better with Age. He has to be appreciated for having brought out his political ambitions with such Gutso.

This movie might well serve as the ideal launch pad for his future decisions. Who better to direct it than your die hard fan who calls you brother with every sentence he speaks. Atlee Kumar has made the movie with the two clear objectives. His Short term objective is to entertain the audience to the very dime, Long term objective is to make it as a launchpad for his Anna’s political Ambitions.

While the effect of his Mentor Shankar is there in terms of the flamboyance in over all movie there are a few things where Atlee Kumar needs to take a leaf out of his Mentors book. He makes the accident / killing scenes to the core detail and that makes it look very brutal & very un-pleasant especially for the children & aged people.If it was Nazriya accident in Raja Rani, Samantha’s killing in Theri in this movie its the baby girl’s road accident & Nithya menon’s last moments in the movie as well. Lets compare a similar construct in Anniyan movie. His Sister will be electrocuted and Shankar would have shown it subtly with a frog analogy. If he works on getting the level down it might augur well for the family centric audience.

Nithya Menen does a fabulous job as Aishwarya does a fabulous role yet again. Her Mettle & prowess in carrying out performance centric roles comes to the fore yet again. Her Chemistry with Thalapathy is amazing & is one of the pivotal elements of the movie. Samantha Akkineni & Kajal Aggarwal does whats expected of them to perfection. S J Suryah continues from where left us in Spyder. Yet another enthralling performance by him.

The team is equally supported by Vadivelu & Sathyaraj. The Mozart of Madras A.R.Rahman with his mellifluous & powerful music Augments the entertainment level of the movie to a whole new level. GK Vishnu”s powerful debut can just not get any better. This guy has the firepower to make it a long way in Kollywood. Some more crisp editing & depth to the story would have “Mersalled” the audience even further.

Watch the movie for Thalapathy Actor Vijay Style, Swag & Vigour. My rating is 3/5 for this movie. #Mersal#RangasReview


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