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SPYder is a fast paced engaging thriller that’s totally worth the bucks spent. A Spy uncovers valuable information. This ‘SPY’der helps us uncover SJ Suryah the actor. Thank you AR Murugadoss sir for this marvellous creation.

A south Indian with a very powerful Antagonist is rare but that trend has been reversed these days thanks to movies like Jigarthanda & Vikram Vedha. SPYder takes that trend to a whole new level. The villain gets a rousing welcome compared to the Hero.

The depth in which the villain’s character is sketched is commendable and offers scope for some fantabulous acting. SJSuryah grabs the opportunity with both his hands and clears with flying colours.  His character & performance are as good as the Joker character in Batman. SJ Suryah the Actor is here to stay and hopefully he should be  equally leveraged by the directors in forthcoming movies as well.

Mahesh Babu makes a fantastic foray into Kollywood and he couldn’t have hoped for a better debut. For a change he has changed gears kept it low and imparted the director’s instructions to the dime. He maintains his usual standards in terms of Action sequences and but has taken his emotional outbursts to a tad higher in this movie.

Yet another feather added to ARM sir’s illustrious cap. The Narration happens at a brisk pace aided by some smart shot making marked by a concise & clear script. A stylish movie just like ARM’s Predecessors. If it was the high volatile joint encounter that stood out in Thupakki there is a joint sting operation by Aunties that stands out in this movie. The other side of the coin is that some of the scenes have been ideated very well like the roller coast fight & stone massacre but when it comes to execution it has not come out that well. For such a massive budget the CG team could have done a better work.

Background score by Harris Jayaraj augments the thrill quotient of the movie. The first two songs are good and the third songs serves as a nasty speed bump that Mars the flow of the movie.  Recycling is good for environment but recycling Your Own music isn’t. The score used from Thupakki is evident sir Ji 😁😂.

Rakul Preet Singh does a neat job and performs what’s expected of her. Useful cameos from Bharath & RJ Balaji as well. This is one Spy Thriller that definitely demands a watch. My rating is 3.5/5 for this movie. #RangasReview


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