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Vivegam is all about Thala Thala and only Thala. If you are looking for a whole entertainer or a movie that oozes of heroism every frame then Vivegam ought to be Your choice.


Every movie is an idea that it’s creator aka Director throws at the audience. The response will be varied from people to people depending upon their centricity to the Hero. When it comes to Vivegam it’s creator Siruthai Siva is very clear with his objective. It is to entertain Thala fans to the very dime. This is very clear as he gets to business right from opening etching the character of AK with each frame oozing of heroism thats only keeps increasing on an exponential trajectory.

The opening scene in particular leaves his fans cheering frantically. Vivegam is all about Thala Thala and only Thala. The movie rides on his shoulders and Thala as usual has given it his 200% AK is a character that has been chiseled only with Thala in mind. He delivers the goods to perfection and there are quite a number of scenes spread throughout the movie that leaves his fans in total frenzy. The work put backstage is evident in his dapper physique that helps him step into the shoes of AK to perfection. As usual his exploits with bikes & cars enthralls us along with his signature stride.

 Vivek Anand Oberoi does whats expected of him and a smart villain to match Thala’s Charisma. The way the villain’s character has been penned is very interesting. For the majority of the part he keeps praising AK & his exploits. He has total respect for the character of AK but yet he is sinister & cunning in his desire to kill AK. Kajal Aggarwal does a neat job as AK’s better half and she has delivered the goods. There are quite a number of gizmos used in the film and Siva does a neat job without making things complex. A useful cameo by AksharaHaasan.

Background score by Anirudh Ravichander augments the thala experience to a whole new level. Surviva track stands out. Siva has got it just right when it comes to emotional scenes as well. Comedy sequences & Amateurish action sequences mar the progress of the movie. No wonder AK is portrayed as a one man army but that manner in which he shoots his enemies as though they are mannequins doesn’t come out well and could have been handled well.

If you are looking for a quality cinema and you are not a thala fan then Vivegam is not for you. If you are looking for a whole entertainer or a movie that oozes of heroism every frame then Vivegam ought to be Your choice. Non thala fans can vent their ire as much as they want over social networks. But a combination of Thala’s Fire power & Fan power is ought to set the cash registers rolling and help the movie pass with flying colours. My rating is 3/5 for this movie. #RangasReview #Vivegam


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