Karmayogi – A Biography of E.Sreedharan : Rangas Review

As per Wikipedia, He is placed among the august company of  “Father of Indian Civil Engineering” M. Visvesvaraya, Gustav Eiffel and last but not least William F. Bacher. He has been feted with more than 60 awards and 15 honorary doctorates. E. Sreedharan famously known as “The Metro Man” is a not only an extraordinary Engineer but a fantastic human being at heart . This book is a perfect dedication to this Kohinoor, the man we all want to be.


The “Metro Man” was catapulted to fame & adulation when he completed the tricky mission of restoring the Pamban bridge, especially the girders. He made sure the Pamban bridge stood tall on its restored girders. On a similar note this book stands tall on the following girders:

Narration – Style:

M.S Ashokan captivates us with a narration style that engrossing yet informative. Events around the life of E Sreedharan unfolds in a chronological manner thats very easy to follow. A few pivotal incidents in his life that signifies his personality is very well detailed out and increases the respect for E Sreedharan in the readers leaps and bounds.

“Picture Perfect” details:

Though there are lot of technical projects detailed out they are done in a manner that ensures even a layman can easily understand them. At the same it also clearly brings out the challenges, significance and the magnanimity of the efforts scaled by E Sreedharan. Last but  not least, the events that help bring out the steely resolve of E Sreedharan is very well depicted.

Crystal Clear Objectives:

The Author is clear in his mission, he wants to inspire the readers. Right from the onset he clearly has his task cut out and etches the character of E. Sreedharan along with the principles he is very famous for. Right from his childhood the unfolding of events that built E. Sreedharan is well brought out. There is no evident preaching but the interesting narration ensures that the Author drives home the point about E. Sreedharan in an enticing manner.

Reading this book about “Metro Man” is just like a ride in the metro he built. Smooth, enjoyable and at 250 pages “very quick” as well. This book is a perfect dedication to this Kohinoor, the man we all want to be. #RangasReview

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