SITA(Warrior of Mithila) – Rangas Review

Champions make winning a habit, One a similar note Amish hits the bulls eye with this book as well. Right from the Cover page this book about Sita stands out in all aspects and leaves us enthralled & satisfied as a reader.


I felt this book stands out for the following reasons:

  • Characterization
  • Out of the box narration style
  • Rich Visual Imagery
  • Rich Tapestry of Cultures


Each of the lead characters including the protagonist Sita has been sculpted to perfection by Amish. He has decided to take on the tricky “Hyper-link” approach for this book and characters are of primordial importance for this style to click. The characters not only click but Amish manages to simply ace them with flying colors .  He manages to do so in his own signature style courtesy creative forays into the character & granular to the nano-level detailing about the character.

Out of the box  narration Style:

Amish needs to be applauded for having the taken the less-trodden path as always. Taking a story which is based on a epic and is a revered nation-wide is a challenge in itself. Its like a double edged sword and there is a very thin-line between what might work with the readers & what might leave them fuming. Amish manages to ace this aspect as well yet again by keeping the crux of the story & plot intact & yet respectful through his signature narration style. There are quite a few characters to remember but the pacing & style has been crafted in a such manner that as readers we simply manage to glide through the book easily just like how a knife glides in butter.

Rich Visual Imagery:

This attribute I feel is going to be the X-Factor for this particular installment. It helps us visualize each of the characters as though they are standing just in front of us. Who needs a VR headset when Amish chisels the characters to perfection and makes them in front of us with his amazing command over language, detailed depiction and rich tapestry of words. Google came out with “Google Lens” but Amish had other ideas. Not only the characters but the kingdoms and their architecture are brought out to the millimeter level of detail in front of our eyes. Even the working of the Vimaan has been brought out in front of our eyes. Last but not least the Jallikattu scenes.

Rich Tapestry of Cultures:

We get to see and learn about a whole variety of cultures through this book. Be it in regard to the various Kingdoms and their lifestyle, palaces everything has been brought out well. As someone from Tamilnadu I would like to thank Amish from the bottom of my heart for painting our Ancient & Traditional Sport of “Jallikattu” in all its glory. When I completed that particular chapter I literally had goosebumps all over. I am sure & confident you will get many more similar feedback about this particular chapter.

Amish the Champion story teller leaves us in a daze and thanks to the hyperlink style of narration the expectations about the next installment is sky-high. Thanks to the teaser book about “Ravan” we are at-least able to douse at-least a part of the “Expectation” flame. Now the long wait the book waits. Amish ji !!! please borrow Ravan’s Vimaan and send it to us at the earliest 🙂 🙂 #Sitawarriorofmithila #RangasReview #AmishTripathi



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