Leadership Lessons from Baahubali

The man with the vision SS Rajamouli gives us a lot of ponder about in terms of Leadership lessons from this movie. It leads us in turn to don our thinking hats and garner further insights.


Plan Frequent Employee visits:

Queen Mother Sivagami advises Amarendra Baahubali to take frequents trips through his kingdom. She further goes on to tell that this will help him understand the subjects and the real situation thats going in the respective places. On a similar notes this is very relevant for the leaders in organization. This Leader might be anyone ranging from a Manager right up to the CXO level. Rather than just relying on the reports of his subordinates it is important they they go the work place where the work happens and interact with the employees. This is like hitting two mangoes in one stone. From a employee standpoint they feel valued and important. From a Leader standpoint you get to see whats happening really rather than seeing whats been projected by his subordinates. The kind of insights that they will get because of this might be much more productive and factual that the ones they get after scouring through the reports submitted.

Power of words:

Amarendra Baahubali deploys this strategy to perfection more than once. First when the Army is in dire straits during the battle with Kalakeyas. He uses very strong & powerful words something on the lines of the famous “The Charge of the Light Brigade” by Alfred Lord Tennyson (http://poetry.eserver.org/light-brigade.html). He again uses the same tactic to Kumaravarma. From being a liability under the threat-situation he rises to the occasions and becomes an asset serving as the protector. A significant change but Amarendra’s words again proves as the catalyst here. On a similar note it is important the leaders especially managers learn the art of motivating the team. The challenging situation might be anything in the form of a aggressive deadline or arduous task. Using the right words to motivate the team might do wonders boosting the morale of the entire team.

Employee first Strategy:

Amarendra always built a great rapport and personal connect with his team right his Uncle Kattappa to fellow soldiers. This is evident from the manner in which he sits with them eats along with them. During the course of battle with Kalakeyas unlike his brother Bhalla he manages to save each of the citizens importantly not sacrificing any of their lives for the sake of victory. It is a crucial lesson to be learnt for the leaders. Being a Leader with an Self-obsessed personality , “Taking credits only for success and putting the blame on team for failures” is never going to help and is bound to backfire at one stage. Building a good rapport / relationship is also very important. It lays the foundation for the employee to trust a Leader which is of paramount importance for the success of the team. It is important that the Leaders instill the “Team” framework. The Team needs to “Stay” Together, “Learn” Together and “Grow” Together.

Adapting to the situation& Thinking the “Agile” way:

Time and again Amarendra comes out of tricky situations importantly sans any complaints. He takes it as a challenge and rises to the Occasion time and again. This is evident from the manner he uses the tent cloth as a deadly weapon to the building of contraptions to help the common people. His son Mahendra too takes a cue from him when he forms the shell type Squadron formation at the end. These traits are very crucial in today’s Business scenario for any leader. With the rapidly changing environment it is important for a leader to keep thinking on his feet continuously, staying calm too at the same time. He needs to instill a similar confidence in his team as well by churning out innovative solutions to tackle the challenges. One also needs to get the maximum out of the limited resources available just like Amarendra did in this movie.

In the movie Amarendra Baahubali was a man who was loved by the entire people and who served as the “Pride of the Magizhzmathi”‘ town. If Adopted and leveraged well these few Strategies should help the Leaders in getting the best out of the entire team, serving the Organization & their roles too to the fullest. Kudos to SS Rajamouli garu for having etched these lessons so beautifully in this movie. Jai Magizhmathi!!!!(Hail the Kingdom!!!)










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