Champion performance from a Champion team


Scene1: First test India were skittled out for 106 and the Aussies went on to win the test by a whopping 333 runs. Keeve was the wrecker in chief and he was all over India like a Rash.


Scene4:Fourth test Day 4 India score the same 106 runs and they bag the series convincingly. One more interesting thing to note is that the winning runs were scored of the same Keeve who traumatised our batsmen in the first test. Life has indeed come a full circle. We were beaten in the first test, our pride was hurt but we bounced back in an admirable manner notching up victory in the Bangalore test & bettering Aussies for most part of the third test as well. What characterized our victory in the final test was Our team’s Intent to go for Victory right from the word go. This was evident in Mr Consistent Rahul’s batting performance, Jaddu’s Blitzkrieg , Umesh fiery spell of fast bowling as well as Rahane’s Whirlwind knock today. Aussies were as usual aggressive and We fought fire with fire and humbled the Aussies. For me the current set of players right from the skipper Virat Kohli to KL Rahul is very special. They have huge tattoos pierced on them and resemble rock stars. KL Rahul’s uproarious roar pretty much sums up the hunger with which this team is going for the kill in each of the matches. There is also intense competition for a place in the squad which makes the players give it their 200% each and every time. If we continue to play fearless cricket like this then this fabulous home season is just the beginning of the good times ahead. Holding the rubber against all the test playing nations at the same time is a herculean feat and the team & skipper needs to be lauded for their fabulous performance. They have made the entire nation proud. Sorry Aussies you were good but we were too good ๐Ÿ˜Š ๐Ÿ˜Š ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜‚ย What started with Smith’s brain fade has ended as multiple organ failure for the entire aussie squad. We totally outfoxed the aussies fighting fire with fire. As real champions we have now made winning a habit. Let the Indian Juggernaut roll on!!!!!!! . #IndvsAus #OneProudIndian #rockstars#LeaditlikeKohli #WinitLikeIndia


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