The Baasha Hangover!!


A real “Mass” entertainer that set cash the registers rolling for a long long time. No I am not going to review this movie. I would like to share a few observations on why this movie has not even lost it’s sheen a tiny winy its and rather what makes it’s shine even further like a shooting star on its prime. The character Baasha is all over you like a rash and it’s hard to recover from such euphoria. Let me tell you how to recover from the same. But before that I need to share about one important incident that shows the power of this character called Baasha the larger than life superstar called Rajinikanth. There was a kid sitting next to me. He had come with his dad and he appeared to be restless until the Autokaran song started. Come that moment he was sucked into this vortex called Rajini effect and he seemed to have never recover from there. Especially in the scene where Manickam gets hit Indhiran he was watching it with rapt attention totally spellbound. I leave it your Imagination on how his reaction would be when Manickam gets the better of Indiran later. Sathyam effects + Dolby atmos + RDX takes Manic Baasha’s entry to a whole new level. The Explosive music so beautifully orchestrates & augments his deadly & powerful entry that leaves us in a trance awestruck. All the songs are such a treat to watch as ever. Lots of lessons to be learnt for the film makers. 1) Etching of a character to perfection and how to make the plot hinge around it to perfection. Kudos to the creator Suresh Krishna. 2) Levaraging the brand called Rajini to the maximum. Coming back to the kid I quoted he was initially pestering his dad to get him a pop corn and when his dad finally got him one during interval he had other important things to focus on. A kid doing that is something phenomenal and such is the reach of the character. In a interview the superstar mentioned “Baasha” is once in a lifetime movie it can never be remade. I totally believe in it. Thank god it was released again for us to revel on Manic Baasha’s character yet again. Dont miss the opportunity to do so and do watch it SPI Cinemas along with the stunning effects. At the end if you are in Baasha hangover no problem go watch it again and again. I am awaiting the next weekend for now 🙂 🙂 #RangasReview, #Baashah #RajiniTheLegend,#ManicBaasha


Published by: rangathecreator

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