Concept cars of the future


The Speed machines of the future are indeed a sight to behold. The wow factor is just not restricted to looks alone. They are aiming for some amazing stats as well.


This boxy yet smart EV will be capable of about 400 to 600 km driving range in a single charge. It will be powered by a small electric motor generating 167 hp. Volkswagen I.D. is built upon company’s MEB(modular electric drive) platform, which will serve as underpinning for future  electric cars by Volkswagen. This is expected to hit the roads in the year 2020.

Volkswagen id.jpg


It is a supercar by design & unlike most supercars it is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. It has two race electric motors generating a max power of 370 kw translating into 500 hp at 13000 rpm. It transmits all its power to the road via the rear wheels and to counter oversteer, it feature torque vectoring. It is largely made up of carbon fibre and weighs just 1420 kg. It has a estimated top speed of 300 km/h and can do 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.4 seconds



The car will have a combined power of 300 kw from its two drive trains & a theoretical range of 500 kilometers. The car might give Tesla Model X a run for its money. This will support wireless induction charging and latest driver assist technologies.



Its a fully working concept. It has two 130 kW electric motors, one on each rear wheel, churning out 258hp in a car which weighs just 1300 kgs. This is quite fast & can glide from 0 to 100 km/h in under 5 seconds. To increase aerodynamics on the car, Nissan has opted for a very narrow chassis configuration, thus making it a jet fighter on wheels. The driver cabin also resembles a f1 racing car.



This concept car has claimed a top speed of over 320 km/h with around 1000 hp at its disposal. This can seat only 1 & is more suited for the track. The car is made upon a variable platform architecture. This also has zero gravity driving position.



The century old company now owned by BMW recently unveiled its breathtaking Vision 100 concept. The Car looks majestic from every angle you look. Its 20 ft long and sits only two. No driving is involved since you can tell your destination, sit back and enjoy.This is totally electric.

Rolls Royce 103EX.jpg


Over the years this car has been a regular in bond movies. Aston claims this car will be the fastest road legal car in the market when its launched in 2018. The jaw dropping body of the car wil be mated to an all new naturally aspirated v12 engine mounted at rear.



This car has the potential to beat the newly announced Bugatti Chiron. This is powered by four electric motors with a combined power output of 1384 hp. This means aluminium & carbon fibre can do 10 to 100 km/h in just 2.5 seconds and can reach a top speed of 365 km/h. Under legal limits the car can do 400 KM quite good for an electric car.


The inputs & data for this article have been taken from the December Collectors edition of Digit.


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