An Emphatic Victory to settle the score fair & square!!!

“Revenge is a dish best served cold”. An old proverb that’s so relevant in the current context . Swashbuckler Kohli’s boys beat the England team black & blue & left them licking their wounds. There can be no better way to settle an Old score & as an ardent Indian cricket fan I am on cloud nine!! This is a series that threw lots of positives for this Champion team that has now made winning a habit. This Indian team Juggernaut is sure on a roll!!!!


Kohli’s Evolution as a Leader:

Gone are the days when he was a angry young man. After taking over the reins from Dhoni He has grown in Stature as a leader who has had a major impact on his team. He is someone who feeds on pressure situations & ensures he leaves a major impact on the team. He has led from the front in an emphatic & majestic manner marshaling his resources to perfection. His team members look up to him  and are ready to devour to the opponents at his order. He is here for the long run & under his leadership this might just be the beginning of good times for our team.

Stellar performance & an all-round show:

What makes is this victory even more special is the fact that none of the pitches were tailor-made to suit home team’s advantage. It was also a series where the entire set of players came to the  party. The stats is a true testimony to this fact. The Seniors showed the way & the juniors bettered the seniors. In Jayant Yadav & Karun Nair we have two wonderful finds in this series. Healthy competition is always good for any team. Rahane’s replacement Karun got third time lucky and went on to score a triple ton. Irony is Karun’s place is still not assured. I am sure this is a head ache Kohli & Kumble is bound to enjoy.

The Expendables:

After the era of the fabulous four we are a stage wherein we have a team of invincible s. The opening slot is still shaky but in Murali Vijay & K L Rahul the future looks bright. Both of them are solid players with a strong defence. The no 3 , 4 slots is performed to perfection by Pujara & Kohli, our best bets after Dravid & Sachin. As for 5,6 there is a healthy competition amidst Rahane/Karan & Saha / Parthiv. Our lower order is at present one of the best in the world. This has definitely proved as the X-Factor time & again.  Ashwin & Jadeja along with Jayant form a very potent force down the order. Our pace attack looks menacing for a change in Shami & Umesh. Both of them are bowling in upper 140 regularly hitting the deck at the same time as well. The spin twins Ashwin & jadeja have such a wonderful chemistry between them. They hunt ferociously in pairs & leave the opponents dazed time & again.

All in all this is a victory that was thoroughly deserved by our boys. We batted, bowled & fielded like champions. I am on cloud nine as a Indian cricket like the umpteen number of others. Good times ahead!!!!!!


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