Cars to watch out for in 2017!!!


Come 2017 & the car freaks are in for a big kill. From Audi to Alfa Romeo these are some really stunning & scintillating models designed to perfection. Be ready, relax as these designs are sure to leave in awe, even breathless for a few minutes. Marvelous & Stupendous car designs at its very best!!


A very special car for it not only holds the Indian Top Speed record but its also the car driven by Tony Stark. An one of its kind card,a replica of one that appears in Final Fantasy XV. It was also created to celebrate 20th birthday of Prince Norcis, who is the heir to throne of Lucis. Each wheel has been crafted to resemble emblem of Kingdom of Lucis. On the side air intakes and on the wing mirrors one can see the traditional pattern of Tenebrae oracle clan, which bestows peace, blessing, and well being. This bespoke R8 comes with a royal warrant  from the kingdom of Lucis, which recognizes its automotive quality, performance and styling. It also has a custom paint to match the Royal family colors. Audi has painted the car in Ultrossic Black with subtle traces of purple.



Its yet another grand tourer from the renowned british car manufacturer. It carries forward the same stunning design of prior astons but with a bolder stance. The experience is made more grandeur by the engine. This big engine churns out around 600 bhp, taking the car from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.9 seconds.



The NSX variant got its design inputs from the late f1 driver Ayrton Senna turned out to be an everyday supercar. It was easy to drive & had the honda reliability. The new variant from NSX is a masterpiece. It has amassed good reviews from all of the world. Its a hybrid & powered by a newly developed 3.5 litre v6 in addition to three electric motors. This gives it enough power to go from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3.5 seconds. This is also one of the few cars to have independent torque vectoring to keep understeer in control.



This year has been the year of Small SUV’s & Maserati has thrown in the hat as well. It has the same underpinning of Quattroporte. The new SUV will be available in 3.0 litre petrol & diesel engines with the most powerful variant producing 424 bhp. The all wheel drive on levante is aided by torque vectoring to kill understeer. This is also further aided by best in class aerodynamics & 50-50 weight distribution.’



Alfa romeo has joined the SUV race as well. This one is named after a beautiful mountainpass & is quite good looking. Most of the design is obtained from Quadrifolgio which made its debut earlier this year. Among the 2 engine options 2.9 litre engine churns out 505 hp. It also feature torque vectoring technology making it easier to drive around bends.


The inputs & data for this article have been taken from the December Collectors edition of Digit.


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