A trip to the Deccan city!!

September 3: 

A beautiful morning dawned. It was the day of my trip to the deccan city aka hyderabad. Our flight landed at 11 Am at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport.


From there we boarded a Pushpak bus to Secretariat. The trip on the expressway was quick & we managed to reach Secretariat & checked into Amrutha Castle.

Check this link for a detailed review of the hotel:


We first headed to the Charminar, one monument not be missed. This is also a city very famous for its pearls & we managed to purchase some at the lulu pearl centre. The Mecca Masjid, Chowmahalla Palace are in close proximity to this place. This area has houses lots of shops & is part of the old city area. Traffic is something that needs you need to aware of especially on weekend. This needs to be planned. Nimrah cafe also definitely demands a visit & the combo of Irani chai + Salt biscuits (hot, straight from the oven) is so delicious. We also purchased a few boxes for home.

FotoJet Collagea.jpg

We then proceeded to visit the Jagannath temple in Banjara hills. This temple has been modeled after the Puri temple & is such an architectural beauty. The atmosphere out there is very good & we had a great time. The surrounding area is quite posh & houses the bungalows of quite a few famous celebrities.

FotoJet Collageb.jpg

After that we proceeded to Peddamma temple & we enjoyed the ambience there too. A very powerful deity. They have a tricky practice there that if you manage to keep a 1 rupee coin straight, apparently our wish comes true. I managed to keep one straight after 15 minutes.

FotoJet Collagec.jpg

After that we visited the famous shilparamam cultural center. This area houses quite a few places where you can shop and their almost near life-like statues is such a great work of art & leaves us spellbound.

FotoJet Collagee.jpg

As per my friends suggestion we then proceeded to have dinner at the famous food truck. This is situated in a open plot opposite to shilparamam centre. They serve out such delicious dosas & I tried the famous Palikaram dosa. It was so delicious. From What I heard Mushroom cheese dosa is also very famous.


Day 2:

This was spent at Ramoji Film city. The details can be found here:


Day 3:

It was Vinayagar Chaturthi and we started early & paid a visit to famous khairathabad vinayaka temple. That deity out there was gargantuan & pretty huge.

FotoJet Collagef.jpg

After that we visited the birla mandir & managed to get an aerial view of NTR gardens, Tank Bunk Road. We finished off the trip with a movie at Prasad IMAX.

FotoJet Collageg.jpg


Finally the trip ended and we were very tired. Yet we were happy & content. Thank you Hyderabad for all the sweet memories.

This number was my favourite even before the trip but post the trip I continue the video even more.


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