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The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. As far as I know when it comes to Mega Budget movies the harbinger was Shankar-DIRECTOR sir. When it comes to Mega budget movies with a high dose of historical fiction the harbinger was SS Rajamouli sir without doubt. It is the vision & direction of these both that made such movies a possibility & here we have Gokul’s Kaashmora. Kaashmora is a confluence of sorts dishing out Comedy, Horror & action in equal proportions enthralling the audience throughout the movie. Right from the moment the teaser was unveiled Kaashmora expectations went skyhigh & Karthi looks were much spoken about. I must say Director Gokul & his team have hit the jackpot here. AfterAayirathil Oruvan I must this is byfar the most meatiest role Karthi has performed & he has given a fabulous performance. As Kash “The cheat aka Exorcist” he is at his imperious best full of energy, sarcasm, outwitting people time & again. Humour has clicked big time for him. As Raj Nayak he has unleashed a totally different dimesion leaving us spellbound. The character is very strong & he evokes varying emotions of villain-ism, heroism & shrewdness especially with ease. It is a character whose main weakness is lust & he brings it out in front of you through his eyes. This is a movie tailor made for Karthi & he has grabbed the chance with both the hands. Nayanthara she continues her dream run & there seem to be end to her midas touch. As Ratha Mahadevi she portays a gorgeous & equally brave Princess to perfection. Sri Divya has performed what is expected of her. The comparisons with Baahubali & Magadheera is unavoidable & there are quite a few places where you are reminded of these movies. Kudos to the director for taking such a new attempt when horror movies are getting dime & dozen these days. What makes this movie standout is its richness & humor. “Just as the doctor ordered” humor has been sprinkled throughout the movie & makes the movie engaging as well lively. This needs to be encouraged so that more such movies come in the future.Vivek Comedian has done a fabulous job & its good to see his after a gap. Last but not least Santhosh Narayanan after Kabali this is yet another fabulous performance from him. By the far the best background score for a horror movie. Especially after the second half right from Raj Nayak’s entry the BG is simply rocking & scintillating. Thakida Thakida stands out among all the tracks. The screenplay in the first half moves at a decent pace with a plethora of laughter moments & the second half is a bit slow but picks up pace post the flashback & scenes surrounding it. Cinematography too is quite good & there are a few scenes that catch your attention for level the details attained to. For instance in the flashback they show the statue of a big eagle atop a tower & as they pan on its eyeballs it turns out to be a drum with soliders playing it. Pardon me but this movie deserves a detailed granular review. To sum it up Kaashmora is one diwali rocket that is blazing away on all its boosters & definitely commands a watch!!!#Kaashmora,#Rangasreview


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