A Day at the Ramoji Film City!!

The day was September 4, 2016. After having lot of good reviews and being a big movie buff I was pretty excited about this trip. Our TSTC bus came on time and we reached Ramoji Film City at 9:30 AM. It was almost an 1 hour drive from Lakdikapul. After finishing the checkin, our bus dropped us at the drop point. I started walking like an excited kid off towards the entrance.


First we arrived at a section thats more like an assembly point offering a good sneak peek about what this park has in store. Gargantuan indeed. Looking at whats in store there is only word that comes in your mind “Paisa Vasool”. You have quite a few fun ride and a neatly maintained park thats ideal for a quick stroll.

FotoJet Collage1.jpg

Then we hop on to the bus and we were accompanied by a Instructor. He spoke at length and explained various details about the Film city. We crossed Garden set, Court set, A to be exploded dummy apartment set & we came to stop at the airport set. We got down to take a quick look and I must say we were amazed by what we saw.

FotoJet Collage2.jpg

Our Next stop was at the Mahabharata & Railway station set. First we were totally spellbound looking at the grandeur of the Mahabharata set & equally enjoyed the Hyderabad station set as well.

FotoJet Collage3.jpg

We got on to the bus again and we were shown around a few region specific sets(North, South etc) & Jail set. The north one houses a Tajmahal as well.

FotoJet Collage4.jpg

We were dropped at the gardens. There was quite a spread with the Mughal gardens, Japanese Gardens etc. It was such a enthalling sight and quite a workout for the shutterbugs as well.

FotoJet Collage5.jpg

After that we were dropped at a spot which was the celebration of nature at its very best. It housed the butterfly park, birds park, colors park, kripalu caves etc. It was such a treat and we enjoyed it thoroughly. There were quite a few exotic birds as part of the collection.

FotoJet Collage 6.jpg

FotoJet Collage7.jpg

FotoJet Collage8.jpg

After that we took a stroll along the Bonsai gardens and light gardens. It was great to see nature at its very best.


FotoJet Collage10.jpg

They say the best is served for the last and we headed to the Film magic. We were captivated by the opening entertainment show and enjoyed the live movie making process as well. The space ride too was amazing.

FotoJet Collage11.jpg

FotoJet Collage12.jpg

FotoJet Collage13.jpg


Finally we wrapped it off with the wild west section and reached the boarding point, hungry, tired but very content.

FotoJet Collage15.jpg

Apart from the entertainment and the value for money I was impressed by the following factors. 1) Cleanliness & Perfection – Though its like a mega contraption it was hard to spot even a single mistake and kudos to the entire team. 2) Fair price: Right from refreshments to souvenirs everything is being sold at a affordable standard price. This is common man’s Disneyland. I was also fascinated at the kind of result acheived from one man’s vision, Ramoji Garu. It turned out to be a memorable trip for me. One that I will treasure for a long time to come.







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