What makes the tough to get going when the going gets tough!!

via Daily Prompt: Zing!

The time was 9:11 PM. I was at Park town station and I had two minutes before the departure of Blue Mountain Express from Platform 9. I had to travel around 1 KM in few minutes and I badly needed some zing to energize me.


I am proud to call myself as an “early bird” who takes pride in being well ahead of time. Be it any meetings or be it any travel, irrespective of the mode of transport I always ensure I will be there minimum 30 minutes ahead of time. With such a background I began to panic with the challenge I was bestowed with and I decided to just give it a try at least.

My sprint didn’t start just there. It was a day of mixed bag. I managed to win both the Evaluation & Humorous speech contest at the club level and I dint even have the time to rejoice this victory. I was well aware of the 9:15 train that I need to catch and I quickly got back to work. As time went by I started finishing my tasks one by one and before I even realized the time was 6:45 PM. I was at Siruseri at about 35 km from Chennai Central. I decided to rent a cab and to my dismay not even one cab was available. I started sprinting to the bus stop with my Office laptop straddled to my shoulders. My only option was to catch the 8:34 PM train at Tiruvanmayur. I hoped for the best and continued my sprint. May be the victory provided me with some much needed zing here.

I got into an AC bus at 7:15 PM and got into a work related call. By the time I reached near Tidel signal the time was around 8:20 PM. I ran like a mad man and went and joined the big queue at the Tiruvanmayur station. The guy issuing the tickets was an exact replica of the Three toed sloth that comes in Zootopia. He had a lot of zing for getting tickets issues as slow as possible.


Finally my ticket was issued minutes before 8:34 PM and I managed to catch the train. I did some calculations and the maximum time I could have was only 10 minutes with maximum luck. As the train was zinging off at a decent speed and as stations whizzed past the clock struck nine. After what seemed like a eternity chepauk came and one more station to go. It was when the train began to loose all its zing and started moving at snails pace. It finally chugged into park town station at 9:11 PM and we are back to introduction.

I ran frantically and reached chennai central at 9:13 PM. After the baggage search when I reached platform 9(which was fortunately nearer to entrance) it was 9:14 PM. To my relief I saw that a few packages were still being loaded into the parcel van. It gave me much needed zing. But it lasted only for a short while and as my plans of getting into S1 and thereby walking inside to reach my coach s7 came for a toss. The Ticket collector told me that I cant go that way since there are 7 ac coaches between s4 & S5. It was the decisive moment for me.

At this crucial juncture the game changing zing was provided by all the running I had done so far. I didnt want that to go a waste. Muttering all the last ounce of energy that I had left in me I managed to sprint again I managed to reach s5. I was panting and was literally doused in sweat and as I got in the train started to move. I managed to slowly wade through the crowd and reached my berth and took a seat. Sure I was tired, panting heavily not a good sight to look at. I took rest and ate the Veg salad that I got at my office.



After Laying down I got down to think on how I got all this Zing that made the impossible possible. It was a sort of revelation for me. Life puts us in lots of moments like this. Most people quit but some zing themselves up from the effort they have put so far. They are more or less like a phoenix using the energy from the task done to continue to pursure the same task in the future. I love this quote a lot and this is some thing I always closely relate to ” When the going gets tough; the tough gets going” I was always wondering what kept them going and today I got that answer. I went to sleep a tired but satisfied and relieved man.






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I am a common man with the power to communicate. I am ardent reader of books, a Technophile. a public speaker and last but not least movie buff. I have also been a passionate toastmaster for the past 5 years and have attained the highest level of DTM. When I get time I also review movies and books constructively on my Fb page "RangaReviews". I have created this page to share my thoughts on topics that interest me and I believe will benefit others too. I am of the strong opinion that communication is a two way process and it has to happen between the communicator & receiver as well. Feel free to drop in your suggestions and thanks for spending your valuable time to read my posts.

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