Kabali – Rajini the performer is here!!!


A Total superstar show. Make way folks, Rajini the performer is here. Its good to see him finally acting his age. As Kabaleeshwaran, He is in total control and leaves us in total awe for  the majority of the movie. As a Performer he stands out in lot of scenes. As a Entertainer too he scores and its Vintage Rajini with his usual style quotient, Swag & mesmerizing charisma. Its amazing to see the kind of sacrifice he has made both for the character & the movie. I am dying to share more specifics but I don’t want to spoil the fun by divulging a tad too much. As the main dialogue goes, Rajini is back and he is back big time. Phenomenal performances from both Radhika & Dhansika. Radhika gives a moving performance as Kumudhavalli. The scope for her is minimal and yet she leaves us in a trance in both her real & memories avatar. Dhansika has such a powerful role tailor-made for her and she has got all guns blazing in it. This will continue to be one of the memorables roles in her career after Peranmai. The scene where these three meet is the one that stands out in the movie. Entertainment is a very broad term that not only encompasses Action, Humor but Emotions too are a part of it. And Kabali keeps us entertained in all these front. There is another element that has matched the superstar in every aspect. That’s the BG. Santhosh Narayanan you beauty, do continue to dazzle us in the forth coming days. With whatever scope he has had he has leveraged it to the fullest and augments the Powerful image of Kabali further. Winston Chao & Kishore though not menacing give a decent performance. Now that being said let’s move to the other side of the coin. When it comes to Ranjith I am only reminded of Sachin’s innings of 136 against chepauk. Having battled valiantly amidst his back pain against Wasim, Waqar & Saqlain he got India to near the finish line. When 15 runs was needed the rest of the wickets tumbled & at the end of the day India lost. On a similar note, as a movie the Opening is awesome, The next 1 hour or so is brilliantly etched till the last 20 minutes or so. Thats where I feel the following would have happened: 1) They forgot that they had to shoot visuals for Neruppu da song & decided to create a sequence for that 2) The control of the movie went from Ranjith to Dhanu & ultimately more commercial elements was added 3) He was too guilty of underplaying the Superstar that he finally decided to up the ante. I was very much satisfied both as an Fan, as a critic but the last 20 min it was மகிழ்ச்சி,மகிழ்ச்சி for me as a fan but not as a critic. Kabali the movie takes a detour in the last 20 min and is no where related to the previous part. Too much of anything is good for nothing and so too is Violence 😦 The stage was all set for a Rudra thandavam from Thalaivar and the opportunity is squandered 😦 😦 They don’t up more like Ra one’s Maggi, curd combo :p The movie can be made much better & can be made to meet its potential if they go back to the drawing board and do some much needed clipping & editing. To sum it up “Kabali” definitely deserves a watch. My next show is reserved at “The Cinema”.( Rajini + Dolby atmos+ RDX) Why fear when Rajini is here” #RangasReview, #Kabali, மகிழ்ச்சி


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