All out for no loss!

I woke up in the middle of might, thanks to a series of hush hush conversation between my roomies. It went like this:
Roomie 1: What are you going to do?
Roomie 2: I have not yet figured it out
Roomie 1: He is very strong now. He is bound to defeat you.
Roomie 2: Yes. I won’t contest. I will pretend to forget.
As I heard I had a big curve on my lips. It was a Smile that signified victory. (He he he hi hi hi……)
Let us go back a few months.
(Ui ui ui( cinematic sound effect))
September 2005:
I had got well acquainted with my roomies. A tad too much that I was made the joker. Being the scrawny boy I was, I weighed around 58 KG. My roomies had a favorite past time. It was to take turns to arm wrestle with me. That was not the irony, their internal bet was to see who would defeat me in a matter of seconds. Roomie 1 was around 6 ft 2 inches and of decent built. He took 10 seconds. Roomie 2 was of same height as me( around 5 ft 9 inches) but a bit healthy. He took around 8 seconds. Roomie 3 was the healthiest and strongest of all he took around 5 seconds. This continued for a few days and at a certain stage it went beyond control. I decided to challenge one of the 3 roomies and I picked Roomie 2 since he was the not only easiest but also practically the one whom I could defeat. I challenged him that I would arm wrestle him on January 14 and that I would defeat him. I was met with a volley of laughter’s both irritating and sarcastic.
December 2005:
I was working out regularly at the gym. My studies took a toll but i was not worried about it. I attended classes fervently and the amount of time I studied took a beating. I was so hell bent on defeating my roomie. A famous quote says ” When the going gets tough: the tough gets going” In my case when it got tough what got me going was the smirk and irritating laughter that was given as response to my challenge. The arm wrestling challenges were going on side by side, I didn’t manage to win but began to survive for minutes instead of seconds. I considered this as a victory for me and kept putting more effort.
January 2006:
I was weighing around 68 KG now. I was getting defeated only by the Juggernaut: roomie3 where as I held on to roomie1 & roomie2. Confident of a victory I was all pumped up.
It was the 12th of January.After a good workout I had a good dinner( Poori bhai) and went to sleep.
Pls fast forward to the opening scene.
Now the reason for my smile would have become clear. What dawned upon me was my never say attitude. I continued my sleep as a contented and happy individual.
Needless to say I never asked my Roomie about our match πŸ™‚ and the matches too came to an end since I got a new set of room mates the next year πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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