The Curse of the Idly

8:00 AM: The year was 2005. I was doing in my first Semester at the SASTRA University. The study holidays had come to an end. I had to leave my home and as usual I was in a foul mood. At that moment, Entered the Dragon: My Mother. She brought in a plate of hot idli’s. The very sight of it irritated me further. I showed it on my poor mom . Vehement protests followed and I ended up eating only half an Idly. At that moment I felt something odd but I didnt even have a faint idea of the ordeal that was to follow.

10:00 AM: I reached Singanallur Bus stand. Those were the days when I was not only head over heels, but also deeply, madly in love with Video Coach Buses. I usually had an elaborate process to select a bus.1) It had to show a good movie 2) It had to show a good movie. 3) It had to show a good movie. To my Surprise there was only one bus standing to Trichy. There was a big crowd thronging for a place in it. I thought people had gone crazy seeing the rush. I boarded a bus to Karur as the movie Chandramukhi was running in the bus.

2:00 PM: I reached Karur. I was hoping to catch the LGB private bus to Trichy since it had not one but 6 TVs. There were lots of empty buses standing and as my GPS was scanning the bus stand for the LGB bus I saw it. A private bus was just starting out of the bus stand and people were running madly behind it. Again I thought people had gone crazy . Upon enquiry I got to know that the Trichy – Karur Highway was marooned and that was the last bus for the day to Trichy. The hunter became hunted, My Semester practicals was scheduled the next day and I cannot miss it any cost. I removed my slippers carried it in my hand and ran behind the bus and managed to catch it.

3:00 PM I hadn’t ate anything from the morning since the half Idly and It was the first time I heard the a faint yet wicked laugh inside my ears. I decided to ignore it. The sight around was totally aghast. It was water, water every where. The train track opposite to Chettinad Cement factory was in the form of an inverted Sine wave. The bus waddled through the waters and it was not a good sight. To make matters worse, Indian batsmen were dancing to Steyn’s tunes and We were reeling at 16 for the loss of 4 wickets. The bus stopped at Jeeyapuram under the pretext that it couldn’t proceed any further. I had to walk another 12 KM and it was when the laughter became stronger this time. This time there appeared a faint, white image too.

5:00 PM: It was utter chaos all around. We started walking slowly towards Trichy. Both the sides were marooned and we managed to hang on the train tracks and walk on it. There was a crocodile, a python, a grass snake what not. It was worse than even my worst Nightmare. People were offering food on the side of the streets but Somehow was not ready to take it. I was worried that my family would be worried. I did not have a cell phone at that point of time.

6:00 PM: We managed to reach near Chathiram and near the high bridge water was there till neck level. I managed to wade through it with my bag on top and safely reached the other end. There might have been atleast 10 crocodiles in that stretch but fortunately for me nothing happened. I reached Trichy and got a bus to Pudukottai since the Trichy – Tanjore stretch was badly affected. My fellow passenger was reading an evening daily and the headlines was ” Trichy bound bus from coimbatore washed away in floods”. I was immediately worried about my mother and made a call to the landline in my home after borrowing mobile from a nearby passenger.

9:00 PM: Reached Tanjore bus stand. All the eateries were closed. Managed to get a bus to SASTRA university. My stomach was rumbling and giving all sorts of sounds like a DSP item number. For the third time I heard the smile, this time more clearer and deadlier. The form was that of the half eaten Idli. Yes it was taking its revenge at me. I was in total agony and surrendered meekly.

10:0 PM: Reached Hostel. The Dinner was over. I tried to get a glass of milk but alas it too had gone stale. My Mess Manager’s suddenly appeared to me as the half eaten Idly. I pleaded guilty. It silently left me. I slept off sad but tired, hungry but satisfied that I had reached.

That my friends was how I was cursed by the Idly. From that moment I started respecting Idlies and especially food a lot. And things were fine untill……………….




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I am a common man with the power to communicate. I am ardent reader of books, a Technophile. a public speaker and last but not least movie buff. I have also been a passionate toastmaster for the past 5 years and have attained the highest level of DTM. When I get time I also review movies and books constructively on my Fb page "RangaReviews". I have created this page to share my thoughts on topics that interest me and I believe will benefit others too. I am of the strong opinion that communication is a two way process and it has to happen between the communicator & receiver as well. Feel free to drop in your suggestions and thanks for spending your valuable time to read my posts.


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